Yellow Zinc Hex Nut Sleeve Anchor


Concrete, masonry, block, brick anchoring, mounting baseplates, fixtures, structural connections

Diameter:1/4", S门6" ,3/8" ,1/2" ,5/8" ,3/4" ;M6,M8,M10,M12,M16,M20


Finish: Zinc,Yellow Zinc,HDG(Hot dipped Galvanized)

Head:Hex Nut,Flange Nut,Acorn Nut

Material : Carbon Steel Q195,Q235 ,35K,Stainless Steel 304,Stainless Steel 316

Grade: 4.8 Grade,6.8 Grade,8.8 Grade

Type:Hex Nut Sleeve Anchor, Hex Bolt Sleeve Anchor,Eye Type Sleeve Anchor,Hook Type Sleeve Anchor

Special Sleeve Anchor (Mexico)

Sleeve: The size汀hread also can be in BS/UNC.


Technical Information:

The Sleeve Anchor is constructed of high quality steel parts. Each part is zinc plated and assembled into a complete ready-to-use anchor. The anchor consists of a

threaded stud with an outwardly flared cone-shaped end. A tubular expander sleeve is assembled over the stud and butted against the small diameter of the cone. A

washer and hex nut are then assembled on the stud to complete the anchor. The anchor works on a true expansion principle: Tightening of the nut pulls the cone

shaped stud end into the expander sleeve, wedging it outward and locking the anchor into the base material.

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