Double ring wedge anchor

Material Composition: Carbon Steel Q195 ,Q215,35K ,Stainless steel 304/316

Grade:4.8 grade ,6.8 grade,8.8 grade

Coating:Yellow zinc plated,white zinc plated hot- dippedgalvanized (with A2 clip) or mechanical galvanized (with A2 clip) are available.

Clip:Any design clip is available.Now we can offer sleeve design" U" -" Z " in readv moulds

Standard:The size /thread also can be in BS or UNC. Loads are for concrete over 20Mpa quality brickwork and some stone.


1.Drill a hole in the concrete using a hammer drill and a carbide tipped masonry drill bit
conforming to ANSI 894,12-77, the same diameter as the wedge anchor.If the fixture being fastened is in place and being used as a template to locate the hole for
the anchor, the mounting hole in the fixture should afford clearance for the universal wedge clip on the stud.

2.Clear the hole of all debris, then place the wedge anchor through the hole
in the fixture or directly into the concrete, and hammer it into the drilled hole, ensuring that they are installed to the desired depth.

3.Turn the nut by hand until the unit is "snugged up". Tighten the nut with a torque
wrench to ensure they are tightened to the required torque value.

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